ArcMail: The Best Archiving Solutions for Your Business.

ArcMail’s Original Email Archiving Appliance


ArcMail pioneered the email archiving solutions market and today stands out as a technology innovator and leader, with thousands of customers across North America. Our award-winning Defender line of email archiving hardware is installed today in K-12 schools, universities, large insurance companies and businesses of every size. With configurations ranging from 2-32 terabytes of archived storage, Defender can easily and economically scale to meet your growing data requirements.

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Defender Appliance Hardware: Enterprise Quality for Organizations of All Sizes


ArcMail’s new hardware platforms are state-of-the-art, designed to combine high performance and unmatched reliability in a smaller and more energy efficient form factor. High performance processors, increased memory, 2.5” enterprise class hard drives in RAID configurations provide the speed and storage necessary to handle the increased volume and variety of email, social media and other data sources that today’s regulatory compliance requirements demand.

Your Disparate Data: Always Within Reach


The ArcMail Defender takes into account all the latest platforms and technologies, so that every content type – even email attachments – is indexed, archived and accessible to you and your team at a moment’s notice.


And if you use multiple email, messaging and collaboration platforms, we’ve got you covered. The Defender not only archives all your important business data, but also integrates it, automates it and gets it working together under a single archiving system.


Best of all, ArcMail Defender is easy to own and easy to afford. Your most valuable content is there when you need it and out of the way when you don’t.


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