Who We Are

dinCloud is a Cloud Service Provider that helps organizations worldwide rapidly migrate their entire IT infrastructure to the cloud.


Our Business Provisioning includes migration of desktops, servers, storage, networking and applications to a Virtual Private Data Center which is then connected back to your existing locations via the Internet, P2P VPN, private full-mesh MPLS, or P2P circuit.


dinCloud provides subscription-based services tailored to fit a range of business models resulting in; reduced cost, enhanced security, control, and productivity. dinCloud is headquartered in Los Angeles.



dinCloud Hosted Virtual Desktops


Since our earlier research & development days (pre 2012), dinCloud has become the #1 brand in hosted virtual desktops. We are driving the evolution of the workspace to new limits with new opportunities for various companies and workforces across the United States.


Think of hosted virtual desktops as the combination of Netflix and iCloud. Accessing your entire digital workspace – not just documents or apps – from multiple devices at any time. is evolving the workplace to enable a level of productivity and resiliency we never had before in organizations.


Why dinCloud for Hosted Virtual Desktops


Hosted Virtual Desktops (HVDs) from dinCloud offer several benefits. These include cost savings and an increase in control, security, agility and productivity.


dinCloud spent over 18 months perfecting the hosted virtual desktop technology, working with countless hardware and software vendors, until we were satisfied as an end-user of the technology.


We encourage you to continue to browse our website to learn more about hosted virtual desktops or business provisioning in general. And we’d be delighted to speak with you over the phone or correspond via email. Reach out to us.


With dinCloud, you purchase a monthly subscription for each user that includes a turn-key solution for what you’d have to put together for desktop virtualization in-house.



dinCloud Hosted Virtual Servers


dinServer is a hosted virtual server offering from dinCloud. The service starts with providing customers a virtual private data center (as seen in image below). This means that customers have a protected, encapsulated environment with their own firewall, private virtual servers, private virtual network, and private storage. This coupled with our ability to establish private links to customers’ existing data centers provides customers with enhanced security.

Cloud Storage


Did you know? D3: An Amazon API-compatible S3 cloud storage alternative


Commercial programs like VEEAM, Symantec, Cyberduck (FREE) and other programs which backup physical, virtual servers & files leverage S3 compatible protocol in their software (additional licensing fees per vendor may apply).
Dropbox, Bitcasa, StoreGrid, Jumpshare, SyncBlaze, Zmanda, Ubuntu One, and many others are some of the many online backup and synchronization services that use S3 compatible protocol as their storage and transfer facility. Minecraft hosts game updates and player skins on S3 compatible servers.  Tumblr, Formspring, Pinterest, and Posterous images are hosted on S3 compatible servers.


Backup Without Limits, Without Transfer Fees


At 15 cents per GB per month and NO TRANSFER FEES, dinCloud is hands down the most cost effective D3, an Amazon S3 API-compatible cloud storage alternative, solution on the market today.   Amazon’s offering is a lot higher due to charging for every single byte of data transferring out of their Cloud.  Microsoft is offering Cloud storage at 50 cents per GB per month.


Speeds & Feeds To Fit Your Needs


You can leverage cloud storage with dinCloud’s D3 servers:

  •  Via the Internet
  •  Via dinTransport at up to 1gbps
  •  Via select Equinix datacenters (LA3, CH3, etc.) on a direct 10/100/1000/10g link


Why dinTransport?

  •  An D3 offering that can be done via Internet (public) or dinTransport (private) links
  •  We store 3 copies of your data; many providers store only 1 or 2 copies
  •  We encrypt all data
  •  Low rates, no transfer fees, channel of partners to help you kickstart your DR or backup project

Virtual Datacenters


When It Comes To Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS), Make Sure To Cover Your aaS.


dinCloud is created around the concept of security. Anything insecure isn’t usable. As such, virtual private datacenters are the cornerstone of our infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and are individually created for each customer to contain and protect all your resources (servers, desktops, storage & vm appliances).


Each customer receives their own dedicated virtual firewall with each virtual private datacenter they spin up at any of our availability zones/datacenters. This virtual firewall acts as the default routing gateway to your resources & connects you to the Internet as well as your existing corporate infrastructure via P2P VPN or MPLS. Equinix datacenter direct connections (from your cage to ours) at up to 10gbps may also be connected to your virtual firewall.



Connect your enterprise AND your Cloud


dinTransport is a revolution in connectivity because it leverages all the most popular carriers into a single private network with end-to-end QoS which is full mesh between all sites.    The Cloud becomes a site in this full mesh topology which means much faster direct access to all your virtual servers, desktops, storage, SIP trunks, hosted phone system & more – all in the Cloud!


Staying Connected – with Failover


Most customers who sign up for a FREE dinManage account and then subscribe to various paid services connect those resources on day 1 in their virtual private datacenter via our P2P VPN service.   They then have the option to transition to dinTransport.    Using Cisco and other popular network devices, we have easy to implement designs which allow automatic failover.    In addition, we have multiple upstream peering points in Los Angeles and Chicago with all our carriers to ensure end-to-end redundancy.


Why dinTransport?

  •  Connect all your locations to the Cloud
  •  Connect all your locations to each other (with or without Cloud)
  •  Connect all your virtual private datacenters at any of our 98 worldwide locations together
  •  Add SIP trunks to your onsite PBX
  •  Add hosted phones to any of your remote offices
  •  Up to 1gpbs, Private network, full Quality of Services (“QoS”), meets all regulatory standards


Our Commitment


We want our customers to have a heavenly experience in the cloud. We will do what it takes to help customers understand how their environment will work in the cloud and also help them migrate into the cloud – it isn’t a lonely journey.


Our Philosophy


As you can see from the dinCloud logo, security is a core component of our philosophy in delivering cloud services. dinCloud provides security at multiple layers.


Our Design


Our data center and infrastructure design was architected with the cloud in mind. This flexibility and open infrastructure means it is easier to provide customers with disaster recovery capabilities. Our dinStack Coalition is also assembled based on technology that is built for the cloud, not merely adapted for it.