Market Development

Need Some Help?


Do you have a product but don’t yet have a captive audience?  Do you not have the means yet to employ a traditional sales force?  Are you not sure yet how to position your product within the industry?  Do you need access to key partners within the industry but don’t have a current relationship with them?  Many clients come to eTECH Channel answering yes to most of these questions.  We take our clients very seriously when it comes to developing a market for their product.  It is with this dedication that eTECH Channel strives to become your trusted partner in the industry when you think about market development.


How Can eTECH Channel Help?


eTECH Channel employs an enablement team that extends throughout the US.  They have relationships with some of the most established partners in the industry.  Their primary goals for our clients are identifying key partners, determining how best to position your company and accelerating revenue growth.   A key dynamic of this process is determining the best go-to-market strategy to effectively sell your product.


An effective go-to-market framework can be the most important thing for your business when it comes to success and longevity.  eTECH Channel prides itself on over 18 years of experience working with the partner community.  This knowledge provides us with the ability to recognize and target the most effective partners to launch your product.  We provide our clients the security of knowing that their product is represented by a trusted, recognized and professional organization.

eTECH Channel also provides our clients with great flexibility when it comes to retaining our services.  We represent clients all over the world.  We understand the complexity of launching a product in a completely foreign market.  Some of our clients have established markets in their native country but have been unsuccessful at penetrating the US market.  eTECH Channel understands the global IT landscape and what it takes for a product to be a success on multiple continents.

What Can You Expect?


As our client, eTECH Channel with assign a dedicated account manager to promoting and growing revenue for your company.  The account manager will build the market for your product, engage the correct partners to grow your product and equip the partner’s sales staff with the proper training to identify opportunities.  He/she will hold sales campaigns to build pipeline while aligning the proper resources for pre-sales calls and demos.


As part of the agreement, the account manager will provide a summary report each month to our client.  These monthly reports will include a description of market development activities conducted, a detailed list of opportunities that were uncovered and an explanation of what is required to close these opportunities.  The monthly report will also speak to the competitive landscape of similar products in the industry and the price positioning that is required to be effective.


What’s Next?


eTECH Channel will assess your product and tailor a proposal that is specific to your company’s needs.  We provide several agreements for a client to ensure flexibility when it comes to retaining our services.  Contact us today to learn how eTECH Channel can help you with your market development process.