Trace Security

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TraceCSO simplifies information security and compliance management

TraceCSO is your cloud solution for risk-based information security.


The market’s only cloud-based platform that delivers a complete and effective IT GRC capability


Automates any, or all, of the eight primary IT GRC management functions


Suitable for companies of any size and easily scales to accommodate growth


Requires no dedicated security or compliance expertise


Makes you compliant by default

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TraceCSO makes every IT GRC function more effective by bringing them together. Unify your information security and compliance management – become one team, with one solution.

Executive Management

TraceCSO allows you to make better and faster business decisions with visibility into your risk and compliance profile.

Risk & Security Managers

It enables you to proactively identify, analyze and remediate risk – for a more complete and strategic information security program.

IT Operations

No more reactive responses to security threats; TraceCSO recommends controls, identifies gaps, tracks your remediation efforts and automates patch management.

Internal Auditors

Now you can streamline and automate your audit process with a single management tool for preparation, attestation and external reporting.

Compliance Officers

TraceCSO makes compliance both thorough and automatic, so you can dramatically reduce the time and cost associated with compliance reporting.

How Does It Work?

With real-time and role-based access, TraceCSO automates the management of risk-based security.  Essentially, it streamlines data protection and compliance functions – including the oversight role of the Chief Security Officer.  This short video shows you how TraceCSO does so much.