Partner Recruiting – eTECH Channel is always in the process of recruiting and profiling resellers and service providers.  Our Partner Enablement Teams work with our recruits to detail the capabilities of each partner.  By profiling our recruits we establishes the preferred channel for selling your products and or services.

In today’s ever changing landscape, we believe it takes more than just bringing a partner to the table to sell your portfolio.  We bring the right relationships together.  Our partners and our manufacturers engaged in actively selling to customers.

Registered Partner – Once we identify the recruits that are capable of selling your solutions, we register that partner as a Vendor Partner.  Registered vendor partners work with a Partner Manager who will manage the engagement process in order to speed the time from recruit to active selling of our vendor’s solutions.

Creative Promotional Programs – Financial incentives influence a large percentage of channel revenue.  Creating rebates and stimulating incentive programs for registered partners drives sales and maintains a healthy channel.
Our Partner Mangers develop, track, and analyze these programs to make sure you are receiving the ROI need to be successful. This analysis ensures repeatable success and minimizes the trial and error process.

Partner Margin – To maintain a healthy channel we work with our Vendors to provide generous margins.  In today’s market vendors typically create a channel of competition to drive sales which results in lower sales per deal.  By managing the channel in which our partners sell these solutions we provide margin protection for our Vendors.
By creating a channel that does not believe in the degradation of price, both Vendors and Partners remain profitable.

Partner Management – At eTECH Channel, the partner relationship is the core of our business.  We build, maintain, and manage sound relationships with our partner community so that we can drive revenue for our customers.  We effectively communicate the requirements, expectations and benefits of each customer’s partner program.Our enablement teams ensure that our partners have everything they need to be successful at selling our customer’s solutions.  They facilitate growth by helping to identify new business opportunities and are responsible for helping partners sell programs, solutions and services to existing or prospective clients.

Prospecting – Identifying the right audience to sell your products and services can be challenging.  We profile our partners to make sure they are successful at getting your product in front of the right target market.

Sales Engagement – The engagement model starts with product training.  We articulate our customer’s value proposition to ensure that our partner’s sales teams are well equipped to identify prospective clients. Once a prospect has been identified, our enablement team will work with the partner to ensure they have all the proper resources at their disposal to move the sale forward.  These resources may come from the Vendor or from eTECH Channel.

Pipeline Management – A healthy pipeline ensures a successful sales campaign and we manage our partners to a 5X pipeline to drive that success.  Our partner enablement managers track every deal from initial point of contact and consistently update where it is in the sales cycle.  We coordinate all support to move the prospective deals through the different stages of the sales cycle until closed.

Product Demos – Great marketing material is a must, but sometimes it is the product demo that can make or break a deal.  Our engagement teams work with our partners to determine when a demo is appropriate to drive an opportunity.  We will coordinate and align all the proper technical resources needed for a successful demo.  Once the demo is completed we will work with the partner’s sales team to answer customer feedback and how to move the deal forward.

Close – The most important part of the sales process and the ultimate factor in any successful sales campaign is closing the deal.  Our engagement teams work closely with our partners to make sure they have every resource they need to close the deal.  Once closed, we will work with the partners to ensure their clients have a successful customer experience with the product.

The eTECH Channel Marketing team is constantly generating marketing material across multiple marketing channels including email, print, social media, and more.

  • Newsletters – eTECH Channel puts out a quarterly newsletter profiling our Vendor Partners.  This newsletter currently goes out to around 600 Resellers and Service Providers spread out around the United States.
  • Cobranded Marketing Collateral – We create marketing pieces targeted at our partners customers that maintains the branding for both the partner and the manufacturer.
  • Custom Marketing Pieces – eTECH Channel is extremely flexible when it comes to creating custom marketing pieces for our Vendor Partners and Channel Partners.

Pre & Post-Sales – Providing pre and post-sale support is essential for our partners and manufacturers to be successful.  This support can be provided by the vendor or by  eTECH Channel.  We are positioned to have highly trained engineers supporting prospects and customers in a very short period of time.
Support can be a key selling point, a reason for a person to choose your product over the competition.